About us

WindEq Technical Center supplies high-precision equipment for the electrical, electronic, automotive, medical, and other industries.

The mission of WindEq is to develop Russian enterprises using world-class advanced technologies. We help to upgrade production, which means to produce high-quality products and to solve complex technological problems.

The choice of high-precision equipment is always based on assessment of its prospects. We provide our customers with integrated solutions that ensure development. We look to the future so that our partners not only achieve success “here and now”, but would be confident of stability and growth of their business.


Our Technologies

Acting as a link between the original sources of technological innovation and the Russian industry, we work in three areas:

  • supply of wire processing equipment manufactured by leading manufacturers such as Komax AG, Mecal, WDT, ZF, Kabatec, and TELSONIC AG;
  • supply of machines for manufacture of electrical machinery of such world brands as A.E.M. Cores, Ruff GmbH, and OXYWELD;
  • in-house manufacture of non-standard customized processing equipment.



WindEq TC supports programs for re-equipment of production sites at all stages ‑ from production audit and project development to guarantee maintenance of upgraded lines.



We analyze the customer’s production, establish compliance of the existing equipment with the requirements for the production of products. The customer receives a comprehensive, qualified assessment of the capabilities of the enterprise in order to build a technically sound modernization program.



Our specialists study the design features of the customer’s products, the planned production volumes, and necessary properties of the finished products. Based on them, we offer optimal technologies, work out the equipment settings, and manufacture specimen products. Then, we install the machines on the customer’s premises and launch the production line.



We prepare the project in accordance with the requirements of the customer: from selection of an individual machine to an integrated turnkey solution. The customer receives a complete picture of the upcoming work and additional opportunities for the production development.



We offer several programs for support of the supplied equipment, which allow minimizing downtime. Our specialists perform prompt warranty repair and service maintenance throughout the entire service life of the machines. They turn to us for professional advice and support upon implementation of projects.



We provide training, professional development, and certification of the customer’s specialists both at our technical base and on the premises of the customer. If needed, we engage our partners, foreign manufacturers, into in-depth training.



WindEq TC has been operating since 2006. Over this time, we have established close relations with world leading manufacturers. The largest industrial enterprises of Russia and the CIS are among our customers: FUJIKURA AUTOMOTIVE RUS CHEBOKSARY, LLC; LEONI RUS, LLC; Yazaki-Volga, LLC; Sverdlovsk Plant of Current Transformers, LLC; Almaz-Antey, JSC; ROSTEKH, LLC; Okeanpribor, OJSC; Elektroshchit-TM GC; Electrozavod; Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Yamolov; and Sozvezdiye Concern. Our track record includes design, development, and manufacture of automated equipment for the leading research and production centers of the country: D. V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (NIIEFA), OJSC; Podolsk Plant of Electrical Assembly Units, CJSC; Afrikatov Experimental Design Bureau, JSC, etc.

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, we solve the most complex technological problems of the customers. Contact us to work together with experts to choose the type of cooperation that best meets the goals of your company.