Machines for manufacture of electrical machinery

WindEq Technical Center, LLC supplies a full range of equipment and technologies to arrange for manufacture of transformers and electric motors on a turnkey basis. We offer integrated solutions for organization of manufacturing processes in the areas for production of magnetic cores, winding, soldering and welding, pouring, impregnation and drying, intermediate and final testing. At the modern production facility, it is of fundamental importance to ensure high quality of manufactured electrical machinery. To solve this problem, it is necessary:


  • to apply up-to-date constructive solutions upon design;
  • to strictly follow manufacturing processes and maintain continuous monitoring at all stages;
  • to implement new methods of testing and control, which will make it possible to improve the class of products.


These conditions are met by high-tech equipment manufactured by our partners ‑ Ruff GmbH (Germany), A.E.M. Cores (Australia), and OXYWELD (Italy) as well as equipment designed by our own design office and manufactured in house: insulating and winding machines, plants for pouring, impregnation and drying, and other non-standard technological solutions.