Horizontal Autoclave, made by WindEq TC, LLC, Russia

  • Horizontal Autoclave

Horizontal autoclaves used in the electrical industry are applied primarily to fill up electrical products with resin compounds. The horizontal arrangement of the autoclave facilitates loading of products into it and, if needed, operator’s access to the products.

  • end position of the door (cover)
  • availability of movable or rotary tables for placement of the products
  • availability of fixed or movable casting nozzles for filling up of the components
  • availability of side and end viewing windows with illumination
  • availability of leak-proof inlets for casting components and power points for sensors and actuators
  • ability to evenly distribute temperature throughout the volume of the autoclave

WindEq Technical Center offers development and manufacture of horizontal autoclaves with a range of characteristics specified in Table No. 1.

The horizontal autoclave is often used as a casting vacuum chamber of specialized casting complexes.

WindEq Technical Center offers development and manufacture of a horizontal autoclave with due account for the requirements of casting complexes including subsequent equipment of the autoclave with a system for preparation and dispensing of initial components, and combining all pieces of equipment into a single complex.


Working volume of the autoclave 95…10,000 L
Inner diameter 500…1,500 mm
Working length 500…1,500 mm
Material of the autoclave stainless steel
Door opening/closing automated
Door bayonet lock hydraulic
Minimum pressure of the autoclave 1.0 mbar
Maximum pressure of the autoclave 6 bar
Working gases Air, nitrogen, argon
Maximum temperature 150°C
Temperature gradient by volume +-5°C
Control system controller
Inner tables, trolleys (including automated ones) available
Viewing windows with illumination available