Single-Module Double-Tank Autoclave, made by WindEq TC, LLC, Russia

  • Single-Module Double-Tank Autoclave

The autoclave retains all advantages of double-tank plants while having the impregnation tank of acceptable dimensions for the winding products of the majority of single-piece and small-batch productions: primarily, the maximum level of automation of the production process.

Due to the location of the preparation tank under the impregnation tank, it is possible to simplify the impregnation compound pumping system, which reduces the cost of the plant as a whole and simplifies its maintenance.


Working volume of the autoclave, L 50
Working volume of the preparation tank, L 50
Vacuum, mbar 5
Pressure, bar 4
Hydraulic pressure, bar 200
Maximum temperature of the autoclave, °C 100
Heater power, kW 8
Mixer drive power, kW 1.0
Number of revolutions of the mixer, rpm 200…600
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1,580x810x1,260