Special-Purpose Equipment, made by WindEq TC, LLC, Russia

  • Special-Purpose Equipment


Upon development and manufacture of new products, many technological problems that cannot be solved using standard equipment arise. Unique production tasks require unique solutions.

WindEq Technical Center is one of a few Russian plants that have preserved and multiplied the experience of precision manufacturing of complex equipment.

Our company offers design, development, and manufacture of automated equipment to solve non-standard technological problems to the benefit of Russian research and production centers such as Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Equipment named after Efremov, OJSC; Podolsk Plant of Electrical Assembly Units, CJSC; Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Cable Industry, OJSC, etc.

The vacuum chamber-based air tightness tester is designed to test tightness of sealed power points for the NP.


  • vacuum chamber;
  • main vacuum pump;
  • control unit with control panel;
  • ТИ1-50 leak detector with a mass spectrometer and an external backing vacuum pump;
  • loading and moving system.

The vacuum chamber is located on the base; inside, the chamber is equipped with guides for manual movement of the carriage with the product. The chamber door is equipped with a hand-operated lock as well as a mechanical holding down device to ensure its tight fit and, as a result, air tightness of the vacuum chamber itself. The cover assembly is equipped with a mechanical end sensor that blocks activation of the pumping system when the cover is open.

The loading and moving system is made in the form of a transportation trolley, which can move along rails installed in the form of a lining on an existing floor.

The guides are installed on the trolley to ensure movement of the carriage with a support. The guides of the transportation trolley can be linked with similar guides of the vacuum chamber to manually move the carriage with the product into the vacuum chamber.

The loading and moving system is equipped with a chock.


Working volume of the vacuum chamber, L 2,000
Minimum pressure ensured inside the chamber, mm Hg 10-2
Warm-up time, maximum, min 30
Vacuum pump power, kW 3.7
Backing vacuum pump power, kW 0.75
Grid 3-phase, 380 V/50 Hz/5 kW
Air supply, bar 6
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 7,290×1,710×1,220
Weight, kg 1,400