Composit Plant for Two-Component Pouring CompositeDi 20/40 manufactured by WindEq TC, LLC, Russia

  • Composit Plant for Two-Component Pouring CompositeDi 20/40

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Composit plant for two-component pouring CompositeDi 20/40 is designed to dispense, mix, and pour two-component compositions of resins, adhesives, and sealants.

The operation of the plant is based on the principle of supply of a dosed quantity of two components into a static mixer.

The plant consists of dosing gear-type pumps, a static mixer, tanks of components, an air preparation unit, a solvent tank, and a control cabinet mounted on the frame. The operation of the plant and the process parameters are controlled by the controller. Interaction with the operator is based on the touch-screen monitor.


  • Ease of control
  • Mixing of components in the static mixer
  • Continuous and discontinuous pouring
  • Automated and manual control of pouring dose
  • Possible heating and mixing of components

Technical features

Dispenser type static
Number of dosed components 2
Component viscosity, MPa*s Up to 3,000
Ratio of dosed components 1:0.5 to 1:0.15
Capacity, cm³/min 80
Volume of tanks for components, L 20, 40
Maximum pressure in the tanks, MPa 0.3
Power consumption, 3-phase grid, 380 V, 50 Hz, kW 1,5

Application options

The plant is designed for preparation of two-component compounds and their dosed pouring into the products of various nomenclature to improve insulating and mechanical properties, seal, glue, and impart other useful properties. Fields of application: electronic, electrical, aerospace, and defense industry.


WindEq TC provides the users of equipment with service support:

  • personnel training
  • routine maintenance
  • supply of spare parts
  • assistance in provision of process solutions for production tasks