Single-Tank Autoclave, made by WindEq TC, LLC, Russia

  • Single-Tank Autoclave

WindEq Technical Center, LLC develops and manufactures both series-produced autoclaves with the most frequently demanded characteristics, and unique ones with the customized parameters of the vacuum pressure impregnator.

The basic design of the autoclaves manufactured by WindEq Technical Center, LLC is a single-tank modular version of B-VPI-50/2 autoclave (B-VPI-50/2/0 model without tank heating): autoclave, operational control system, vacuum group with a receiver, and automated control system. The single-tank autoclave is designed for vacuum curing of the compound in forms, vacuum drying of the products, and impregnation of the products with varnishes and compounds. The standard plant differs in that, as a rule, impregnation and drying in it is performed in an intermediate tank, where the products are placed with or without impregnation compound. This organization of the process makes vacuum drying in a continuous process cycle impossible. The autoclave can be manufactured with an increased level of automation. The cover of the autoclave is opened and closed using the hydraulic drive. The cover is locked using the bayonet lock. Process cycling is performed by the controller. The entire process cycle in the autoclave takes place without human intervention.

The single-tank autoclave can be made in a spaced design. In this case, the tank of the autoclave itself is located in the impregnation zone, and the vacuum system and the control cabinet are located in the adjacent clean room. It is convenient for equipment maintenance and repair. Moreover, it is possible to manufacture the tank of the autoclave in an explosion-proof design, the rest of the equipment can be manufactured in a common industrial design.


In the single-tank autoclave, it is possible to change impregnation compounds without additional cleaning of the tank.


Working volume of the autoclave, L 95
Minimum pressure of the autoclave, mbar 1.0
Maximum pressure of the autoclave, bar 5
Operating hydraulic pressure, bar 200
Maximum temperature, °C 150
Heater power, kW 6.5
Overall dimensions of the autoclave unit (LxWxH), mm 1,420x840x960
Weight of the autoclave unit, kg 550
Overall dimensions of the vacuum and pressure control unit, (LxWxH), mm 900x520x950
Weight of the vacuum and pressure control unit, kg 200
Overall dimensions of РВ-230/16 receiver, (LxWxH), mm 560x540x1,730
Weight of РВ-230/16 receiver, kg 95